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Marika Wittmar is a Swedish songwriter and artist who mixes influences from blues, folk/world music, ballads and jazz with lyrics inspired by buddhistic meditation and female mythology.

Her debut EP "Underneath Your Hands" was recorded in renowned Grammofonstudion in Gothenburg in the spring of 2019. 

Hampus played in Marika's band 2018-2019.


Musicians on Underneath Your Hands are:

Marika Wittmar - Vocals, guitar

Hampus Grönberg - Guitars

Tuva-Lill Elwerdotter - Vocals

Simon Johansson - Organ

Natasja Hildén - Bass

Julia Schabbauer - Drums

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Power of rage cover.jpeg


Hampus old metal band from the days before he discovered traditional music. The band played extensively in Dalarna and other parts of Sweden 2011-2013. The band members, who are still close friends, decided to get together in the studio in 2019 and record all the songs they never hade time to record back in their glory days.

Aron Klarström - Vocals

Hampus Grönberg - Guitars

Hannes Heinemann - Bass

Linus Frykberg - Drums

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