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Furuhill is quaint red wooden house on a pine hill in the deepest of forest in Sweden. Furuhill is also the music that reflects the remote mystery of the place, as well as the warm conviviality you encounter when you step into the cottage. Furuhill is a place of folk music; sincerely sounding over the misty hills of the pine forests and at the same time warmly fulfilling - like the freshly brewed coffee aroma from the kitchen.


With skillful musicianship, well-polished arrangements and a great love of the traditional music from Sweden, Furuhill performs old and new songs on guitar, cello, nyckelharpa and voice, 


Furuhill is:


Samuel Lundh - Nyckelharpa

Hampus Grönberg - Guitar


Alexandra Nilsson - Cello

Agnes Åhlund - Vocals

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