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Hampus Grönberg is a Swedish musician from Falun, Dalarna. He is currently based in Gothenburg, where he works as a teacher and freelance musician in different bands and projects.


Hampus started playing traditional music in 2012, and has since then studied music from different parts of the world at Braheskolan, Lunnevads Folkhögskola, the University of Gothenburg and the University of Limerick. His main instrument is guitar, but he also plays bouzouki, mandolin, banjo and bodhrán professionally.

Hampus has played and studied traditional music from Scandinavia for some years, but he also has a great interest in other genres, the main one being traditional music from Ireland. Since he first visited Ireland and set foot in an Irish session in 2012, traditional jigs and reels have been Hampus's greatest musical love. He has come to be a big part of the Irish traditional music scene in Sweden, especially Gothenburg where he performed at the Glenntown Irish Music Festival four consecutive years.


Hampus currently plays with the following bands:

BÄCKAFALL -  Contemporary Scandinavian traditional music

WOODLANDS+BÄCKAFALL - Modern Scandinavian and Celtic traditional music

FURUHILL - Swedish traditional music

STAERNA - Middle Eastern and Scandinavian songs

APLENTY - Irish traditional music

JUST AS BLUE - Bluegrass

Composing & arranging

Aside from playing traditional tunes, Hampus has written many new pieces in the genre, most noteworthy the live album 22 TUNES, which contains all original compositiones. He has also done a great deal of composing and arranging in other contexts of the tradtitional music genre, for example writing and arranging music for choirs and different kind of ensembles and bands. More recently, Hampus has taken great interest in the world of musical theatre. In 2022 he played percussion in the Swedish production of Broadway musical COME FROM AWAY, and in 2023 he played in the premiere production of GRUVFRUNS GULD, a new original musical for which Hampus wrote all music and lyrics.


Hampus has studied teaching at the University of Gothenburg and is currently working as a guitar teacher at Partille Kulturskola. He offers private lessons on guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, banjo and bodhrán. While his main focus is Irish and Swedish traditional music on the guitar, he is also a skilled musician in other genres, such as rock, pop and blues.

Recording & mixing

While mainly being a musician, Hampus has also done several jobs recording, mixing and producing music. Most of his recordings are of himself, but he also mixed the live album 22 TUNES, and recorded and mixed STAERNA's debut album. 

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